a writing gap

Quite suddenly, I stopped wanting to write on this blog.  Partly, it was just a factor of being busy. One of our sons was to be confirmed in the Lutheran Church (which has more to do with a social ritual in the German countryside than a reflection of true belief). Another son was in the last stretches of a strenuous exam program ending high school.  Life just seemed to need me there, rather than at the computer.

But, there was another reason. I realized I was grappling with the end of Phase Two in Motherlands. Phase One had been planning and collecting and designing. Phase Two had been going online and establishing Motherlands’ internet character, figuring out how to update it, and developing new platform links such as this WordPress blog.  Motherlands went online last August, and after an initial cacophony of activity, became strong and stable. I soon realized, however, that the 6 to 8 hours a day I was spending on it meant everything else in our lives was neglected.  Homework wasn’t getting done calmly, music instruments weren’t being practiced regularly, dinner wasn’t being prepared in a loving manner, bread wasn’t being baked, animals were not being exercised properly, the weeds were not being pulled, friends’ birthdays and life events weren’t being honored, my relationship with my husband was being relegated to a shadow partnership. continue reading